Behind the Scenes at Phoenix Rising w/Misty Keen

I am struggling with this MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment) stuff lately because of my personal experience with maintenance drugs. My passion is to help others get to the other side of addiction because I know both sides now, so I share my experience on how the impossible became possible for me. I was expressing my frustration and realized I have only my experience, no facts, so I did research and reached out to a couple professionals practicing MAT.

I learned that Medicated Assisted Treatment isn’t MAINTENANCE for one, also it doesn’t only consist of suboxone, there’s also vivitrol and naloxone too. There is even a new implant people are starting to use to reduce the opportunity for abuse of suboxone. I was under the impression they used the suboxone as a substitute for other substances. MAT isn’t just medication either, it requires Intensive Outpatient care and counseling. There is criteria the individual must meet to be considered for medicated assisted treatment as well. With the treatment aspect attached to the medications, that curve cravings and reduce detox, individuals have a chance to work on changing their mindsets, and work through issues and fears. It is saving and changing lives not just in united states but other countries as well, one being France.

Another thing I was unaware of, and this was a low blow for me, it was brought to my attention that I had been so ingulfed in my own experience and my opinion that I was blind as to how I was participating in a STIGMA! The same word stigma that held so much power, shame, humiliation, and fear over me in my active addiction and caused me to refuse to ask for help and almost die! I don’t know a lot, but I can attest it’s not for everyone, just like other forms of treatment and recovery. I took a completely different approach in my recovery and that approach is the one that worked for me and when I help others, I tend to think what helped me is going to be what helps them! Bottom line, I know it didn’t help me, but doesn’t mean it won’t help someone else and if someone is looking for support, I don’t want my opinion of their choice to recovery to cloud what I have to offer.

With all that said I’m still uneasy about the positive outcome’s vs negative outcomes of MAT! I’m curious who’s tried MAT and how it worked for you or didn’t? Or who knew or knows someone that succeeded or failed using MAT? I’m also curious how others feel about MAT, has anyone else struggled with being open minded about MAT or is anyone else struggling with it now? I’m open to all feedback and suggestions! Feel free to reach out to me personally if you are struggling 772-877-4013!