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We provide Medically Assisted Treatment in Vero Beach, Florida Ridge, & Sebastian FL

Phoenix values individuals and offers several approaches to achieve and maintain sobriety, everyone is different so there is not a one-size fits all format for recovery we will figure out what works for you.

Medically Assisted Treatment is available for all options of treatment. This a scientifically proven approach for better success rates. It is intended to relieve us of cravings and obsession of drugs and alcohol. Allowing the freedom of a serene mindset so that we can focus on treatment, learning how to live life, make and obtain goals, and healing. There are a few options of medications to help the individual make progress during the process, and we offer Suboxone, Naloxone, Vivitrol/Implant, and Sublocade there are different protocols for each medication if you are interested in MAT please contact us for more information

What you can expect :

What you can expect :

Expectations vary based on levels of care please resort to all our different program options of treatment. Please review them for a full understanding of what to expect.

  • Medical Assessment
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Prompt administration
  • Supervision and observation Protocol
  • Doctor Visits
  • After Care Plan Achieved prior to discharge
  • Group counseling
  • One on One counseling